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Mobile Game Monetization Tour

Beintoo and MoVend will be visiting 3 cities in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in May to meet with mobile app developers to share about mobile game monetization. In these sessions, both companies will share insights and strategy on how mobile gaming and developers are making money for their apps and games via in-game rewards and in-app purchases.

Session 1: The rising of the G-economy: When gaming meets the real world

Games and apps user experiences offer new innovative ways for brands and retailers to engage with audience during their game plays. Several top international brands already partnered with successful apps to introduce real products offers such as coupons as reward for in game achievement. A few startups are now trying to build a scalable model to allow retailers to do that on thousands of different apps with a single campaign. It is a huge opportunity of monetization for developers who could become an effective customer acquisition channel for brands. The conference will show some interesting business cases and give an overview of the Beintoo's mobile loyalty platform, a monetizaton tool for mobile developers to reward their users with real world offers.


Session 2: Navigating the Android Appstores Maze

There are tons of Android appstores out there in the world, and every store represents their own unique opportunity. Especially in emerging markets where Google Play underserves, there is a whole lot of Android appstores around that Android developers can work with to reach out to customers. However, every appstores have their own policy, SDK and requirements on the developers, and that adds a big challenge in development, for localization, integration, support and subsequently publishing in every single market. This session will talk about how some games have worked around this issues and how MoVend can come in to help developers get out of the Android Appstore Maze.

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